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Gallery Examples of Our Work

A Grandfather Clock Prepares to Ship

This Grandfather Clock is a perfect example of the care we take in packaging, crating and shipping our items for safe arrival.

How We Build Custom Crates

Our team builds each crate to meet the needs of each project based on the item’s size, weight, material, and shipping specifications. 

A Beautiful Statue Ready to be Carefully Packed, Crated & Shipped

Here’s how we created the custom crate and packaging for this beautiful statue.

We recently created the custom crate and packaging for this one-of-a-kind statue.

Heavy Machinery In Our Custom Crating

We can handle almost any kind of machinery. We start with a sturdy base, then build up from there.

Multiple Items Are No Problem

We’ll crate, package, and ship multiple items at the same time, even if there are variations in size between the items.

Large Items Aren’t A Problem, Either

We’ll crate, package, and ship large items, with custom crating made to fit the precise size of each item.