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Custom packaging and crating is often the clear choice when it comes to shipping. Peace of mind comes from knowing that your items are properly packaged in something that was custom made to offer a safe and secure fit. By choosing custom packaging and crating, your items are snug which offers no wiggle room for breaking, cracking, or other damage that has been known to occur in the shipping process. For items of an irregular shape or of high value, custom packaging and crating is especially recommended. When the shipped item is received by the other party, the item is still in the condition which it was when it left your care. The package looks professional, neat, and clean. This reflects positively on you and if you are a seller or a business owner, you have a good reputation to uphold. Another benefit, maybe not as often considered, is the green effect of choosing custom. The perfect amount of packaging and crating material is used and not an inch more, providing much less to be disposed of. Less material also means less weight which could mean lower costs for you. If you have important items to ship, consider choosing custom packaging, crating, and shipping from an established company with a solid reputation for providing quality service.